Miles for Miley - Day 2



The Wheatsheaf Inn, Abbeytown

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Abbeytown

We start to arrive at Abbeytown for the start of the next leg. There's a lot of blisters and muscle pain, but we're motivated (ish).


Off again! 


Quick break at Oulton. A few of us arrived a little late after being misled by a farmer when we asked for directions. It's been a great walk so far - nice quiet roads and beautiful sunshine. 


Woodhouses, I think. Shin splints are the new ailment to appear. We haven't seen many people along the way today, but we get a few smiles from passing cars. It's turning into a long day.  


Our descent through the seven circles of hell continues. That is all.  


A stop near Gt Orton. Carlisle seems far away.  


CARLISLE! And we're over half way to the RVI! That last stretch was very tough. But we're having a bit to eat in a nice shaded beer garden at The Turf, Carlisle. Only planning on doing another 10 miles or so today. 


Stopped for a pint at The Stag Inn, Crosby-on-Eden, but, unfortunately, found it closed. Our support bus was there though, so we started having a drink and nursing our wounds. Then, a very rude man came out of the pub and started swearing at us and told us to leave. We explained that we would have came in but he was closed. He persisted with his rudeness and made us move. Very disappointing. But, we shall soldier on. 


Day 2 done. Newtown. Very hard day today. Everybody is struggling with one thing or another. Everybody is still in good spirits though - even if there is a lot of complaining going on. 

Off out for a bite to eat and a pint, now - at least, the ones who can bear to hobble out of their hotel rooms are. 

I hope the RVI have a good podiatry ward. 

Good night.  

Jake Todd